Electronic media:


Electronic media is a type of media by which we can spread information using electronic means and electronic devices. Today electronic media sources has spread all over the world. In electronic media, information is transferred in digital form. Electronic media has overcome the disadvantages of print media as it is a faster and easier way of transferring information to more number of people. For using electronic media literacy is not required if a person is not educated he can also get information through electronic media.

In today’s age we cannot think of surviving without electronic media it had become an essential part of our lives. The world is now adopting the concept of electronic media. Electronic media opens the door of global reach. Through electronic media, we can visually see what is happening around us.

Those who do not know how to read can get information by electronic media sources. It gives information, a lot of entertainment and knowledge to viewers or listeners. Electronic media is a good source to market your businesses and your products. It has provided every kind of awareness, entertainment and information.

Sources of Electronic media:

Following are the main sources of electronic media:

  1. Television
  2. Radio


In our country television is the most powerful electronic media source which is most widely used all over the country. By sitting idly in your home and watching the news on TV can make you aware quickly about everything that is happening all around the world. We can watch live coverage of many events that are going on all around the world.

For example, live news can be watched. Live TV shows can be watched. And live coverage of different sports like cricket, tennis, football and hockey. By the help of electronic media and television, people can get to know about lifestyle, culture and languages of different countries of the world.


The radio is one of the useful invention included in electronic media which is also a mean of communication and transferring information. In our country, there are some backward areas where there is no facility of television in those areas radio is very useful to transfer information about their own country and other areas of the world. So radio is a powerful source of communication.


The most powerful form of electronic media is internet it made the transfer so easy that now it is just a click away. By the help of the internet, you can get information about anything by just searching it on the internet. With the internet, you can communicate with any person in any corner of the world easily. You can exchange information, tutorials and emails easily through the internet. Internet is a wider source of information.

There are many social media sites like Yahoo, Facebook, What’s App and Skype by which you can communicate with your friends and family easily. We can also read the online newspaper and online magazines and can get to know about the prices of different products and weather forecast. We can shop online and can pay online as well.

Impacts of Electronic Media:

Electronic media has positive as well as negative impacts on children, individuals and society. Some of the positive and negative impacts are as follows:

Positive Impacts of Electronic Media:

Some of the positive impacts of electronic media are:

  • It gives know-how to the public about what is happening around them. So that they remain aware of different events around them.
  • Electronic media works faster as compared to other types of media.
  • It has a great impact on the public as compared to print media because it provides visuals to the audience.
  • It is a source of worldwide entertainment. People can entertain themselves by watching different entertainment programs and shows.
  • It gives freedom of knowledge means everyone can get knowledge of every thing they want to know.
  • Electronic media gives education to students and adults as well. For example, television broadcast some very informative news.
  • People can hold inexpensive audio and video conferences on the internet with other people present in different corners of the world.
  • People can watch live coverage of all the events happening in the world.
  • People can get news about other countries as well in this way they get more information on events happening around them.
  • You can message instantly to your family and friends without any delay of even a second.
  • It can give that information which was unknown to them with higher accuracy as compared to other kinds of media.
  • Electronic media has provided a great advancement of technologies.
  • Today many office work and data is handled by different kinds of computers.

Negative impacts of Electronic Media:

Some of the positive impacts of electronic media are:

  • Extensive use of electronics can expose you to harmful rays which are dangerous to your health.
  • With higher volumes of Television and radio can cause noise pollution which is not good for our environment.
  • Seeing or hearing about harmful things can affect your mental health.
  • Too much use of electronic media is not good for student as it wastes their time and it can affect your mental health.
  • Through electronic media, there are more chances of criminal activities now.
  • Sometimes there is a loss of information when there are connection problems.
  • Electronic media sometimes misinforms the public or they can spread false news.
  • Electronic media sometimes spreads unnecessary news which results in chaos and confusions.
  • TV houses sometimes leak confidential governmental pieces of information.