Social Media:

Social media is mainly known as websites and application made to make communication easier and faster. Social media has grown from the last few years very rapidly. Social media has become the most important part of people’s life. People now can’t live without social media. It has made our real-time communication very easy.Impacts of Social Media are very important.

Some of the communication websites like Facebook and Twitter has grown millions of users in just a few years. We can now communicate with anyone very easily, without any delay. People now can also share images, video documents and other information with each other by just one click. Social media has made life so easy that communicating with anyone at any part of the world is no more a problem.

With the ease that social media has given, there are many problems in today’s world that social media is creating. It’s all about the usage of social media if you use it in a negative way it will harm you and others as well. But unwillingly it also has some negative impacts which are mostly ignored by the users in front of benefits and ease it is providing to the users.

Impacts of Social Media:

Social media has huge impacts on its users. Sometimes the impacts are positive but sometimes they are negative. Both positive and negative impacts are:

Positive impacts of Social Media:

Some of the positive impacts of Social Media are listed below:

  1. The connection between people:

Social Media sites such as Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Instagram and many other such sites are a source of connection between your and other people around the world. You can share everything you want by these sites. These sites have helped to reduce the distances among people of the world.

  1. Source of Information:

There are also some information sharing sites such as Quora where you can write your blogs and can share your information and thoughts to the world. There are some information getting websites as well such as Wikipedia where you can get informative articles about any topic you want to know.

  1. Helping others:

You can share every issue you are facing to the world can get instant help and guidance by people. Help can be in the form of money or advice given by them. These sites can be used for helping others. For Example, there is some non-famous NGO which needs help and you get to know about that by the social media and you wants to donate something to them you can contact them via social media.

  1. Promotion for your Business:

No matter you are running an online business or offline business you can promote it on your social media account. By social media, you can convey information about your business to a larger number of audience. It does not cost anything that you have to do is to just make your account on any site for example on Facebook and you can start advertising your business.

  1. Awareness to people:

Social Media is a source of awareness about many issues. It is a source of awareness to students, teachers and lawyers and every individual living in this society. It is a source of awareness of many social issues such as drug abuses, domestic violence and many other issues.

  1. Daily Updates:

Social media is a source of daily updates. It informs people about what is happening around them, daily. Sometime you can’t get some news from television but social media can give you such news and updates as well.

  1. Earning livelihood:

Social media sites are a source of earning for people. For example, some people are running sites on Facebook and some people are running channels on YouTube are earning a good livelihood for themselves.

  1. Source of Entertainment:

Social media sites such as YouTube is a source of entertainment for users. You can watch dramas, movies and other entertaining videos in your idle time to get rid of boredom and can entertain yourself easily.

Negative Impacts of Social Media:

Social media has some negative impacts on individuals and society as well. The negative impacts of social media are listed below:

  1. Stalking:

Social media has a major disadvantage of stalking others and getting to the personal lives of others. People stalk others and see their pictures and other information.

  1. Cyberbullying:

According to a report many people are victims of cyberbullying. Everyone can make face account on social media sites and can harass anyone by taking their information.

  1. Hacking Accounts:

Hacking social media account is now a trend. Hackers hack the account and can use them for bad purposes. Similarly, the hacker also hacks the bank accounts of people and gives them financial loss.

  1. Security Risks:

Since people can get your information from social media accounts like your cell number, your address and email accounts so this gives you a security risk.

  1. Cheating others:

By social media, there are high chances of cheating by making fake accounts on social media sites you can easily fool and cheat others. These kind of activities are increasing day by day.

  1. Bad effects on Health:

Excessive use of social media affects mental as well as physical health of the user. Excessive use of social media makes a person lazy and lethargic.

  1. Inferiority Complex:

Social media has shown the glamourized world to the public they are now fascinated by that world which they can’t afford and they get into inferiority complex.

  1. Privacy issues:

By using social media you encounter many privacy issues like people can visit your account and can get your personal and professional information from that account which violates privacy.