Introduction to Improve Media Literacy:

The literal meaning of word literacy is “the ability of reading and write” so media literacy is defined as “the structure to examine, approach, to judge, or to create a message in various forms, starting from print media, electronic media to internet”. Improve Media Literacy is understanding the role of media in various aspects of society. It also covers the use of media in various forms.

Media literacy and reading literacy have a lot of things in common. In reading literacy firth step is to recognize letters then the second step is to identify words and then the reader comes to know what actually those words means and then reader came to know what those words mean. Then finally he can write to them also.

Same is the case with media literacy. It is the potential to recognize different types of media and understanding the message given by those media types. In today’s age media gives a huge amount of information to interpret the information and to understand the information is known as media literacy.

The knowledge and meaning of all the content of media such as videos, video games, memes, written messages, audios, social media and reason of its creation that why someone created that content, what was the reason behind the creation to get knowledge of the creation is media literacy.

Today it is a digital age. We do not always know about the creator of the content and the reason for its creation but still, it is very important to have media literacy.

How to improve Media Literacy:

Following are some ways to improve your media literacy:

  • Think for the reason for the creation of content:

Whenever you see a content you should find or think the reason for the creation of that content. You should not just see that very content and ignore it as most of the people do that. To improve your media literacy you should think about the reason for the creation of the content and think that whether the message makes sense or not.


  • Check the credibility of product or information:

Media literacy makes you understand the credibility of the information that whether the information is credible for you and whether the information makes sense to you or not. It also helps to recognize the knowledge of the usage of products you are watching advertisements.


  • Try to know the point of view of the creator:

There is a certain reason behind the creation of every content that you see over the internet or media. You need to know the reason why the creator has created it or what was going through the mind of the creator when he was creating it.


  • Have media responsibility in yourself:

Knowing your point of view and the thought that comes to your mind while watching the content of the comments you give to the content that is your media responsibility and that comes under media literacy.


  • Know the role of media in your own culture:

Knowing your own culture and watching the content of media there is a relationship of both the things. The content you see on media is showing the image of your culture.


  • Understand the point of view of the creator:

Understanding the point of view of the creator also comes under media literacy. You need to know the message which creator wants you to receive, and what he wants you to think while watching his creation.


Digital Media Literacy:

Digital literacy is part of media literacy. Digital literacy is “the ability to find, evaluate and use that information”. It is the literacy to use the internet, smartphones, videos and other such sources related to it.

In today’s age, digital media is largely used to research, examine, and try the thing is a new way. Excessive use of media results in many negative impacts such as cyberbullying, digital frauds, and many other security issues and risks. These are the reasons why digital media is an important part of media literacy.


Skills to improve digital media literacy:

  • Effective Search:

While searching anything on media for educational purpose or watching any entertainment program you need to know is the quality of that thing, credibility of the content and to know that whether the content is valid or invalid. You need to learn how you can evaluate all these things.


  • Taking care of privacy:

There are now several ways to share information to others you need to take all the privacy measures so that privacy is not compromised in any case. You need to learn all safety measures related to internet security. All these things come under digital media literacy.


  • Giving credits to creator:

In this age where everything is easily copied and claimed to be yours, you need to know the importance of giving credits to the owner.


  • Knowledge of digital Footprints:

Everyone needs to know each profile you are creating on any site or app is visible to others this also comes under media literacy.


  • Have respect for the ideas of others:

To be a media literate you should always respect other’s ideas and acknowledge them and have respect for their idea. You should always respect other’s opinion about different things. All these things come under digital media literacy.


Importance of Media Literacy:

Media literacy is an important skill to become aware of the message or content being shared to you on the basis. Becoming media literate makes a healthy relationship between you and the media which you are using daily. Media literacy is mainly important for students as they spend much time on media. They need to make good choices about the content which they need to see or which they should not.