Influence of Media on Youth:

Influence of Media on Youth is the important topic.The youth of today’s age is now more addicted to media and social media. They can’t live without social media now. Media has a huge influence on teenagers. It does not have an only negative impact on youth some people use it in the right way and get huge benefits from it. The effect of media is also on the psychological behavior of the youth.

Influence of Television:

Television can have positive as well as a negative influence on youth. It has been seen that all television programs are not bad but there are some programs which influence our youth badly such as showing violence, promoting bad habits like smoking and drinking all these things effects the mental health of youth badly. So youth and teenagers should avoid watching excess television. Watching violent content on television increases violent behaviour of youth. Sitting in one place and continuously watching habits causes obesity in youth. Such programs which encourage irresponsible behaviours should be avoided by youth. Watching excessive television limits the outdoor activities they don’t take part in outdoor games such as cricket, football etc.

  • Learning

Television can be a source of the powerful teacher to the youth. There are many programs telecasted on television which are very informative for our youth. Some programs promote consistency, collaboration, affection and many other positive habits like youth.

Influence of Advertisements:

Advertisements shown on different types of media can have positive as well as a negative influence on youth. Some advertisements leave a positive effect on youth and on the other hand some of them cause’s a very negative effect. For example advertisement of promoting smoking and alcohol causes a negative effect while an advertisement to promote the drinking of milk causes a positive effect. Youth does not understand the reason behind advertisements which is only to increase their sales.

Influence of Video games:

Video games also have positive as well as a negative influence on youth. Some video games may help youth in developing strong skills in youth while on the other hand, some video games promote violence, lethargy and antisocial behaviour in youth which is not god for them. Youth should avoid those games which promotes violence and antisocial behaviour in youth.

Influence of the Internet:

The Internet can influence youth in both a good way and in a bad way. The Internet can be a source of information provided to youth. The Internet can help them in their education. The Internet can act as a library for them they can have access to any book or any information they need from it. It can have bad effects like youth get exposed to those things which they should not. They start spending most of the time on the internet which makes them lazy and lethargic. They stop participating in outdoor activities which are good for them at their age.

Effects of Media on Youth:

Media has positive as well as negative effects on social media. Some of them are as follows:

Positive effects of media on Youth:

Some of the positive effects of media on youth are:

  • Develop awareness:

Media can act as a source of developing awareness in youth. They get to know about different types of information from the media. They get the awareness of culture and traditions of different societies which may affect them positively. By knowing all this information they can become responsible citizens of society.

  • Develop social skills:

The youth of today behaves rudely socially. Media plays a role in enhancing their social behaviour and skills. Media provides social confidence, social literacy and social support to youth.

  • Youth gets inspiration by media:

Youth gets inspiration from the media. Watching a very successful man and knowing all those hardships which he goes through before reaching this state inspires and motivates them to try and reach that level.

  • Help polish their skills:

Media grooms the skills of youth. Media helps youth to know more and more and work on their skill get perfection. In this way, the media plays a major role in polishing their skill.

  • Polish reading and writing skills

Media promotes reading and writing habits in youth. For example when a favourite celebrity of youth talks about his or her favourite book. Youth also gets the motivation to read that book. Youth now is a part of blogs which polishes their writing skills.

Negative effects of media on Youth:

Some of the negative effects of media on youth are:

  • Health effects:

Using excess of media have bad effects on the health of youth they don’t focus on their health instead they remain busy in using media or social media which affects their mental and physical health.

  • Considering bad habits normal:

Due to the use of media youth is considering bad habits normal such as smoking and drinking harmful drinks. They even consider violence normal by watching that in action movies and video games.

  • Commercialization:

Everything is now commercialized. Media makes materialistic things important for youth. They now consider those materialistic things very important for them, and they are now spending a lot of money on getting those things for them.

  • Obesity:

Youth is now spending most of the time in the form of mobile, TV or computer. They are far away from outdoor activities. By continuous sitting in from of these gadgets, they are facing obesity.

  • Effect on education:

Paying attention only to video games and movies the education of the youth is affecting badly. They don’t pay attention to their studies and as a result, their grades suffer.