Media Selection for Advertisement:


Selection of media is defined as “selection of most suitable TV show, newspaper, magazines and other means of media to convey your message more effectively to a certain population or minimum cost applied on it”. Other factors such as editor climate, audio and video qualities all come under the selection of media. The social environment in which the audience read or watch your message is also important.

Selection of media is the selection of communication channels by which news, entertainment, education, different data means and other promotional messages are conveyed. It includes broadcasting as well as a printed medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet, hoardings, billboards etc.

Media Selection:

Following factors are important while selecting the media:

  • Nature of the product and its demand:

While choosing the media for advertisement of any product you need to know what is the nature of the product and demand of the product in public. That whether people need it or not. If a large number of people need it you have to choose which media and if fewer people need it you have to choose which media. Choice of media should be made very carefully in each case.

  • The financial ratio for an advertisement:

The financial ratio of the product should be kept in mind and the choice of media should be made keeping it in mind. For example, if the cost of the product is very low you don’t need it to promote it on big media like TV you can advertise it on small media such as pamphlets.

  • Expectations of the audience from the product:

While the selection of media you have to keep it in mind the expectations of the audience from the product that what are they expecting from your product and what are you going to deliver them. These things should be kept in mind when you choose media to advertise.

  • Cost of media advertisements:

The last thing you need to know is that how much cost does it needs to advertise your product effectively. Selection of media and then evaluating the right cost is very important to grab the attention of audiences towards your product.

Factors affecting media selection:

  • Product Nature:

Nature of the product is very important for advertising. For example, before advertising, you need to know your product nature whether it is an industrial product or consumer product. Mostly industrial products are advertised in newspaper and magazines, while consumer product is advertised on TV, radio etc.

  • Customer’s nature:

Nature of customers should also be kept in mind before advertising. You need to know whether the customers will be of small age or are older, they will be educated or illiterate all thing should be taken into consideration before advertising about the product.

  • Age:

Different age groups prefer different media. If your product is about kids then television is better media to advertise about them. For young people since they prefer magazines so it is a good medium to advertise. And for old, they prefer TV news channels.

  • Educated or not:

For highly educated print media such as magazines, national newspaper and internet are preferred.

For less-educated local newspaper of local languages or TV is preferred.

For illiterate they can’t use print media broadcast media is preferred.

  • The figure for customers:

For more customers, television and newspaper are preferred because they are used by a lot of people.

For fewer customers, direct mails are more used.

  • Product Distribution:

The distribution of the product also affects the selection media. It the product is distributed in a certain region then region newspapers or cable network is preferred. And if it distributed naturally then its advertisement on TV channel is preferred

  • The objective of advertisements:

The main objective of every advertisement is to get a good and rapid response from a certain number of audience. For this media like newspaper, magazine and TV are good choices.

  • Description of the message:

If the nature of the message is informative then newspaper media is preferred. If it is non-informative and just an advertisement to grab the attention of the audience them TV should be preferred.

  • Budget to advertise:

Television, radio and magazines are more costly types of media. If you need media which cost’s less for your advertisements then it is a cable network, posters, banners and some local newspapers.

  • Available Media:

Particular space is available in every media for advertisements. Sometimes the space for advertisements are already booked by advertisements and hence there will be no space available for other advertisements. Sometimes there is no space on front and cover page which is more attracted by the audiences.

  • Coverage of Media:

Only those types of media should be selected which covers a large amount of audience. It means that we should advertise on that media which has a large number of visitors. In television, there are certain time slots in which there is more viewership so advertisement should be placed on that time slot.

  • Total cost by media:

The advertiser should calculate the total cost coming on each advertisement by each media considering the number of visitors on that very media. More costs usually come to the advertisement for TV and magazines.

  • Media exposure to the audience:

The number of audiences that visited the media at a certain time is known as the total frequency of the media. In the case of magazines as compared to newspapers the frequency is more. So by comparison magazines should be selected.

  • The likeness of media to the audience:

Some media has a better image in the eyes of users they are then more liked by the audience so the audience will like to visit that media so that media should be selected for advertisement by the advertiser.