What is Media?

Media is a source of transferring information from one channel to another channel. The information could be of any form such as written form, digital form, news, educational information and many other forms of information.

In today’s time media is mainly referred to as a channel that publishes news to the audience by different means such as newspaper, TV, mobiles, Social Media, Radio etc.

Media is also called the 4th pillar of state because the impact of media is very powerful. It has a power of making innocent to guilty and from guilty to innocent. Media has the power to control the minds of the public. It is the main source of transferring information from government officials to the public. Media is the main source of generating judgements and opinion of masses regarding different issues.

Evolution of Media in Pakistan:

Evolution of media mainly started in the Era of Ayyub Khan in Pakistan. Under the ministry of Information Pakistan Television Cooperation (PTC) came in to being. In 1964 first television channel started its broadcast from Lahore.

In Zia-ul-Haq’s era media has faced high censorship to protect Islam. Broadcast of television was under high censorship to protect the glory of Islam. He put a ban on many broadcasting media sources which resulted in the protest of journalists of Pakistan.

First private TV network was formed of the name Peoples Television Network (PTN). In 1990 STN started its first private channel of the name Network Television Marketing (NTM).

Then there came the era of Pervaiz Musharraf. In this era PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) came into being in March 2002. This was formed to allow the formation of private channels of Television. By the formation of PEMRA from 2002 to 2012 the number of the private channel has reached the number of 89.

Purpose of Media:

There is there the main purpose of media which are informed, advertise and entertain.

  1. Inform:

The main purpose of media is to spread information. Through media, people get to know what is happening exactly at every nook and corner of the world. People want to know every detail that is happening in the country or in the whole world and media is the perfect mean through which they can get information about every single minute. People want to know about elections, any incident that has happened in any country etc.

  1. Entertain:

Media also a huge source of entertainment. It gives entertainment to the public in their extra time. It gives entertainment through drams, movies, Award shows, music shows, comedy shows etc. There are many sports channels which broadcast different tournaments of games which is also a huge source of entertainment for audiences.

  1. Advertise:

Another purpose of media is to use it to advertise. People can advertise on media. They can advertise their products and business they are running. You can convince other people buying your product to convince them to avail your business. Now a day’s media is also used in politic to advertise their ideology to convince the public to vote them and to spread their ideology.

Types of Media:

Media has four main types which are as follows:

  1. Print Media.
  2. Electronic Media
  3. Outdoor Media.

Print Media:

Print media is defined as showing text or pictures using word press. The primary purpose of the formation of print media in past was to spread information in public quicker and faster. Print media is the oldest form of communication as compared to other forms. It mainly includes books, newspapers, magazines, banners and posters all are used to transfer information to a group of people. Although it is the oldest form of communication yet its contribution is remarkable in providing information.

 Even now Electronic media is very advance yet print media has its charm. Print media has a great impact on the minds of readers. News and information which are delivered by print media are more credible. Some people still prefer print media over electronic media. Print media is also a source of entertainment to readers in the form of novels, stories and entertainment news.

Electronic Media:

Electronic media is a type of media by which we can spread information using electronic means and electronic devices. It includes TV, Radio, Internet and Smart Phones. Out of all this television is mostly used as a source of electronic media. Radio is a smaller source because it only gives voice broadcasting. In electronic media, information is transferred in digital form. Electronic media has overcome the disadvantages of print media as it is a faster and easier way of transferring information to more number of people. The world is now adopting the concept of electronic media. Electronic media opens the door of global reach. Through electronic media, we can visually see what is happening around us. Those who do not know how to read can get information by electronic media. It gives information, a lot of entertainment and knowledge to viewers or listeners. Electronic media is a good source to market your businesses and your products.


Internet is now the most important source of media a days. It is far ahead of TV, Radio and newspaper. People consider that social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are a good source of getting information. Information reaches to the public without any delay with more clarity and accuracy. Now a day’s every news channel or every newspaper also have their official websites so instead of watching the news on TV or reading them in the newspaper we can watch them on the internet. Thus the internet has taken the place of Television and newspaper. Over the internet, you can get any kind of information. Each information is now a click away. Like you just have to search for anything and you can get every kind of information about any topic on the internet. It gives fast coverage of news, Educational information, live broadcasts and much other additional information. Internet is also a source of advertising about your business or products because it is the most visited platform of the public nowadays.

Outdoor Media:

Outdoor media is mostly used to advertise your business or products. It is named as outdoor media because this information is reached to the audience when they are out of their homes. It includes advertisements on banners, billboards, posters, brochures and flyers. It is a good way of grabbing people’s attention quickly. The main advantage of using outdoor media is to delivering information to the public easily. Outdoor media or outdoor advertising is usually used for small businesses.

Impacts of Media:

Media has positive as well as negative impacts at the same time on children, individual, society and politics. Some of them are mentioned below:

Positive Impacts of Media:

Some of the positive impacts of media are:

Spreading Information:

Media has the ability to spread information faster. As an incident happens the media team quickly covers it and broadcast it to the public so that they are always aware of what is happening in the world by fast coverage of media.

Promoting Democracy:

Media has a huge role in society to promote democracy it is very important now to promote democracy. It helps the public to make the right electoral decisions. It provides check and balance to the electoral process. At the time of the election, the media plays an important role in providing information about different events happening around. Media also affects voter turnout in any election.

Coverage of Events:

Media provides coverage to any event that is happening in any corner of the world. Whether it is anything good or any disaster or mishap happened media provides full coverage to that event. For example, any flood or earthquake media has taken this responsibility to provide coverage to that disaster. In the same way, when there is an event like an award show or music show or any tournament of sports media gives full coverage to every event.

Social Accountability:

Media has the ability to make citizens, civil officers and government officials answerable about anything. Media is spreading awareness in public about the importance of accountability of each and everyone whether is a citizen or government official. For example in the case of accountability of Nawaz Sharif Media played a very important role in making him accountable in front of the court.

Provides Entertainment:

Media has the ability to provide good entertainment to the public. In the time of chaos or instability media provides a source of entertainment in the form of dramas or shows you want to watch to give good relief to your mind and to divert your mind from your personal problems.

The benefit to student:

Media provides benefit to students in a good way. It gives educational information to the student and increases their knowledge. Students get to learn various skills to improve their educational knowledge in all aspects

Negative Impacts of Media:

Some of the negative impacts of media are as follows:

Destroy National Image:

Sometimes due to media negative image of society is portrayed. During the coverage, the media should take responsibility to take care of national image so that it should not be affected by their coverage. They should spread the right news without effecting national image.


Media of this age gives every news with sensation. Media focuses more on sensation instead of giving the right news in the right manner. For example, if media is giving news of bomb blast it frightens the public more by the sensational coverage of media. Today Breaking News of media is incomplete without sensation which is a really bad thing.

Wrong Religious Impression:

Media is now a day speeding things which are against religion. Media is now discussing such issues openly which should not be discussed. Media is spreading vulgarity and leading our nation far from their culture.

Media Exaggerates news:

Media highly exaggerates the news. Media describes something in such a way which is smaller making that thing really big. Media always makes news big by exaggerating it. Sometimes media glamorize the issue media changes the whole meaning of the issues.

Competition of Rating:

Television channels are always competing for rating. That’s why they compromise on the credibility of the news and important issues. Media is now a commercialized sector they focus on the news which is good for their rating rather than authentication of news. They sometimes compromise on the national interest as well. The main aim of media in today’s age is only to get profit.


Media now a day promotes western culture more than their own culture. Media gives extensive promotion to western culture and their traditions its effects on language and mental preferences.

Effecting minds of Children:

Media is affecting the minds of children in many ways. Children are getting exposed to such things which they should not. Even cartoon shows are showing such things which they should not. Such things are not good for children these things are affecting the minds of children in a very bad way.

Influence of Powerful:

Media of today’s age is mostly in the hand of powerful influencers. They influence the media to spread the news which they want to spread. This affects the credibility of media and news.


Thus media is a very powerful source of spreading news and information about anything. Media keep people informed not only about their country but any other country in the world. It is also a great source of portraying the real image of your country to outside the world. Media also shoes true image of another country to you as well. Media should resolve some issue with them like an exaggeration, spreading false news, should not promote westernization etc. Because media is actually responsible for portraying the true image of society, culture, values, traditions and norms of one’s country. Media reflects the true image of society so it should take high care of what it is showing to other countries. Media should not use negative tactics to increase ratings or its viewership. They should not only focus on their personal interest rather should focus on the national interest which should be more important for any country’s media.