Print Media Brief Description:


Print media simply defined as a written form of telling information and news through newspaper or magazines. The main purpose of the inventionĀ  was to spread information to the public in a faster and easier way. It is the older way of communication and was widely used in past since then it has a vast contribution in providing and spreading information among the public.

Since electronic media has evolved much but still print media has not lost its importance. Print media spreads information in a more credible form as compared to other means. Some people still prefer print media because of their credibility and authentic source of information. Besides information print media is also a good source of entertainment to people who are fond of reading. It provides information in the form of books, stories, novels etc.

History of Print Media:

Before the printed media was invented in old ages news was conveyed handwritten. It took a lot of time to write and then spread in public. So in early 131 B.C, the ancient Roman government has produced news sheets to spread any information. Through many years print media has evolved much and now it spreads information about many categories like news, education, entertainment and much more. Now electronic media has evolved much but still, print media has its place.

Main Sources of Print Media:

The main sources of print media are:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Banners
  • Billboards
  • Broachers
  • Flyers


Newspaper is the most important and famous form of print media. Newspapers are generally delivered home to home so it is easy to spread information and news daily. In early years newspaper was the way to spread information to wide audiences. It is less expensive than other forms of media. There are different forms of newspapers readers can select them according to their preferred choices.

Newspapers are divided into various segments. These segments are current affair news, sports, food, finance, entertainment, politics, and articles on different topics, fashion and different advertisements. It also has a topic on a lighter note such as cartoons, crosswords and puzzles etc. The reader can choose his or her preferred segment which they want to read.


Magazines publish detailed articles on various topics. Topics include entertainment, food, sports, lifestyles, finance and many more. Magazines are of different types which are published daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Advertising in a magazine is a bit costly. But is very beneficial to advertise in a magazine because it is more eye-catching. The advertisements in a magazine should be simple and elegant. Magazines are a bit expensive than newspapers.


A book is a collection of many printed pages carries information of a certain topic pointed by the writer. Books are the oldest form of print media which provides information to readers about different subjects. Books givers opportunity for writers to spread their knowledge of a certain topic to the whole world. Books are written on different topics such as storybooks, novels, literature, science etc. They are not only to gain our knowledge but also to entertain us.


Banners may be made of cloth or paper having some message, slogan or logos. It is used for advertising products or some business you wanted people to know you have to write services provided by you on banners. Banners are usually hung at a certain height grabs the attention of passers. Banners are usually customized can have text or pictures in such size that can be seen from far to grab the public’s attention.


Billboards are now changed in the digital form mostly but it comes under the category of print media. Billboards advertisements are the most costly among all categories of print media. The prize of billboard depends on the size and location of the billboard. It also depends on the time duration that how much time advertisement is going to be on the billboard.


A brochure can be categorized as the pamphlet. It usually a booklet which contains all the detail of the company and organization mentioned in it. It is to take away so that you can have the details in your mind. They are usually distributed in public at any place such as a shop or any kind of exhibition. In brochures, all the communication details along with the services providedalong with the price details are mentioned in detail. They are made colorful to grab the attention of the public.


Flyers are not usually used by the big organization they are used by small organizations for their advertisements. A flyer should always keep eye-catching to grab the attention of most of the public. It can be distributed anywhere like in shops, exhibitions, signals and on roads. Printing of flyers is not much expensive so that you can print a large number of flyers and can distribute anywhere.

Importance of Print Media:

Print media has its importance even in this age of electronic media.

  • By print media, you can target a certain public group you wants to target. By this, you can make your certain budget according to your need.
  • IT is more credible it gives authentic information. It does not gives false information about anything.
  • Unlike web pages which you read once then close them, it is in hard form and you can keep it with you and can take anywhere you want to take.
  • It is a cheap mode of advertisement and can easily be accessible
  • It keeps the customer aware of the news that what is happening around.
  • Print media bring back the public to a reading habit which is reducing day by day.
  • Print media help organizations to promote their products in public at less cost as compared to electronic media which is most costly.