Chemical Process Simulation

The best way to think about chemical process simulation is to look at it in a classroom situation. Chemical engineering students, practitioners, and researchers who are in the early stages of their careers need to learn unit operations and chemical processes. It may not be ideal to always take the learners to an industrial setting. In this case, the lecturer would use simulation software that best captures what is in an industrial setting.

Chemical Process Simulation

In the discipline of process simulation, there is the application of mathematical modeling. Math forms the basis for all analyzing, testing, predicting, or detecting behavior in processes. The processes could actually exist or not.

What Is the Purpose of Chemical Process Simulation?

Chemical process simulation is critical for building knowledge in key areas involving any processes. It is also a key component in chemical engineering because it allows for the exploration of different options to arrive at results. With various options available, the chemical engineers can then choose the most optimal outcome for application in chemical processes and unit operations.

What Does Process Simulation Entail?

There are many aspects to chemical process simulation. Such include:

  • The process design that takes into consideration process flow sheets and optimal design conditions to increase assimilation and mathematical models.
  • Continued evaluation and improvement through research and development
  • Higher profitability of different chemical processes through production planning
  • A dynamic simulation that takes into account different facets of process operation. Such include environmental constraints, safety, and control of the processes.
  • Knowledge building, education, and training for those who want to get into the chemical engineering field
  • Process optimization using advanced process control (APC) for greater efficiency resulting in economic benefits
    Better decision making based on simulation, calculations, and models, thereby removing errors that arise from assumption. Fact-based decisions are also more efficient and less difficult to arrive at.

Final Thoughts

Chemical process simulation is a critical component that helps with decision-making, greater profitability, and adds on to the existing knowledge base.