Chemical Process Technology

Every time you go out shopping for your fragrance, cement, pesticides, or medicinal products, do you ever think about the production process?

Chemical Process Technology

Chemical process technology refers to specific steps that result in the production of chemical products. It applies the use of technical skills and scientific principles in the processes. You will find it in different industries such as petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, to name a few.

What Does Chemical Process Technology Entail?

Chemical process technology brings together different disciplines. If you apply for a major in the field, you will learn chemistry, mathematics, and physics. It doesn’t stop there; you can also expect to cover areas like chemical and refinery plant operations, computer applications, health, safety, and equipment that you will use in the plant operations.

It is a wide field covering all aspects of chemical process engineering. Whether it is in operations, design, optimization, supervision of the processes, or even maintenance, it all comes under chemical process technology.

For a complete chemical process, certain factors come into play. There is a sequence and integration in operations. It also incorporates the use of different formulations to get the final product.
It requires the use of appropriate and specific equipment. A chemical reaction will, for example, occur in a reactor. Filter units are for filtration, while pipes, pumps, and valves are for the transportation of fluids.
The processes are dependent on certain variables such as operational conditions, nature of the processes, product, and material.
There may be a chemical transformation of different components before arriving at the final product.
Other processes include purification, separation, or extraction. Some of these can occur without any chemical reactions.
With technology, there is greater efficiency in the chemical process technology. Computer calculations and computer simulations improve efficiency and help with decision-making.

Final Thoughts

Chemical process technology is a discipline that is critical in chemical engineering.