Top Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach

Belly fat is the most stubborn type of body fat to lose. You can easily gain it but very difficult to shed. Do not lose hope; there are various exercises to flatten your stomach. Surprisingly, the exercises are easy to do and are not time-consuming. The exercises help to tighten the core.

The Roll
This type of exercise targets your lower abs. You should start on the back and then lift the legs off the floor and then extend your legs straight while hands are spread sideways. To complete your exercises, you should take your knees to the trunk. Make sure to repeat the exercises after 30 seconds multiple times.

The Plank
Start by getting down on your elbows and toes. Make sure you keep the stomach sucked and core tight towards the spine while holding the spine in the right position. Stay in the plank position for at least 30 seconds.

Bicycle Crunch
This is one of the exercises to flatten your stomach, and it helps you focus on the muscles instead of the momentum. Start by laying on the back and your hands behind the head. Make sure you put the left knee towards the shoulder as you bring the right elbow towards the knee. After this, you can return to the initial position and then repeat with the left elbow or right knee. Remember that your focus should be on keeping the stomach sucked in as you perform the bicycle crunch.

The list of exercises to flatten your stomach cannot be complete without mentioning crunches. This is because crunches help define abdominal muscles and are perfect for toning oblique muscles and rectus abdominis. It is advisable to lie on the floor or a mat and then bend your knees. Make sure you lift the shoulders towards the ceiling and focus on abdominal muscles.